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Does Your Team Need TLC?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Recognizing if your team needs improvement is critical to any leader who wants to get quality results. The good news is, it’s not that difficult to see if your team is unhealthy - there are telltale signs. If you are noticing any of these going on with your team, it might be time for some TLC.

  1. People are holding back information; as opposed to collaborating.

  2. We hear more complaints and grumbling, than laughter and compliments.

  3. Team members focus on catching each other missing deadlines, or they ignore issues instead of helping each other stay on track with projects.

  4. A team member is more likely to throw someone under the bus before taking the heat for something.

  5. People are stressed and burned out rather than deadlines being met and people being happy and celebrating.

  6. The talk you hear behind someone’s back is more often negative and attacking, than positive and supportive.

  7. People are defensive, or walking away and complaining later, instead of showing interest in hearing opposing views and talking directly.

  8. We see people constantly rushing in and working hard and ignoring each other as opposed to spending time building relationships.

  9. People are more apt to be a part of the problem rather than stepping up and solving problems.

  10. When the boss or a teammate isn’t there, things are ignored or griped about as opposed to everything going smoothly.

As I was sharing this list with a Sr. Management team at an architectural firm, Sarah, a 10-year veteran on the team, asked a great question: Sarah asked - It’s one thing to notice these things; but my big question is how do I fix them? Join us on this week’s podcast, How to Fix an Unhealthy Team,  to find out what you can do when you discover any of these signs!


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