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Strong Leaders Have a Strong EQ - Do You?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

If you want to increase employee engagement levels at your company, the smartest place to focus is on emotional intelligence.

​Emotional intelligence, or EQ, has a direct and positive impact on employee engagement.

In the last 10 years, employee engagement levels have remained static, even though companies throw millions of dollars at this issue.

Why? Because they’re working on making the environment more fun, spending lots of money on things like free food and slides and bean bag chairs, rather than working on the obvious and most impactful issue of emotional intelligence.

Having strong emotional intelligence is the key to success for leaders. It builds trust and a sense of genuine connection and caring. This results in loyalty and higher output.

Join us today, September 6th, for a FREE webinar and learn more about emotional intelligence and how it applies to your own leadership practices.

Learn how optimism and perseverance (aka GRIT) have a direct impact on your teams:

  • Avoid politics and power struggles

  • Connect and relate better to your co-workers

  • Develop loyalty and increase productivity

Leaders with a high EQ are happier in their work and home relationships AND are more likely to be promoted!

Is there a situation you find yourself neck deep in?

Save your spot today and join live to participate in our Q&A after the presentation.



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