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Hi, I'm Laurie

To Sum IT Up

I’m a mix of empathizer and go-getter; questioner and listener; challenger and supporter!

This is why I created the GRIT® roadmap. 

There's so much talk about needing grit - but I see a lot of grit in upper management.  In fact, I see grit take it's toll because people focus on it too much.  

The collateral damage from grit shows up as ruined relationships (personal and professional), poor health and not feeling fulfilled. 

But with GRIT® - Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth - we maintain that toughness and tenacity, but not at the expense of ourselves and our relationships. 

GRIT is a uniquely combined set of traits that set the course for your leadership journey. 

And remember - ANYONE can stand up and be a leader (it's not just about being put in that position). 

When we work together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and tackle whatever it is to help you make your workplace even better. And hey, let’s agree to enjoy it while we’re doing it!


Whether it’s through workshops, coaching, consulting, retreats, speaking engagements, or my book, Leading with GRIT® - I’ve got some proven tools and techniques that are sure to inspire your team to take action.

Email me directly and I'll send you a link to schedule time with me. 

My Philosophy

We spend most of our waking hours at work. It’s a huge part of our lives; it can be miserable, or it can rock! It’s really up to us.

With a little awareness, an understanding of our “why”, and proven tools and techniques I believe together we can make just about anything happen - whether it’s getting your team to accomplish great things, or getting yourself to focus and finish; whether it’s navigating through the transition of “individual contributor” to now leading others, or navigating your culture through a merger or acquisition; whether it’s getting people to communicate and treat each other with more respect, or helping people discover how to treat themselves with more respect. 

Frankly, there’s no magic dust I can sprinkle and make things instantly better. In fact, I don’t even have all the answers. But I do know how to help you get to where you want to be.

I believe so much in your potential, and my passion is to help each and every one of us to live the best lives we can. While my expertise is in the workplace, you’ll soon see positive results extending into every area of your life.

Podcast guesting

As the founder of Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc., Laurie Sudbrink has inspired tens of thousands of people to take control of their own professional destinies. As the author of Leading with GRIT®, endorsed by Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager) and Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements®), Laurie is a dynamic speaker whose audience ranges from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Laurie delivers GRIT® (Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth) at leadership workshops and keynotes around the world.


She is known for her ability to connect with her audience through real-life stories and a practical approach that hits home at an intense and intimate level. Contact us to book Laurie on your podcast!


  • Trained/coached thousands of managers

  • Author of Leading with GRIT® and the GRIT® Productivity Planner

  • Developed GRIT® Training Programs

  • Founder of Unlimited Coaching Solutions Inc. (1999)

  • Clients worldwide, from small and large manufacturing, to Fortune 500’s, the US Navy, and many more!

  • Certified DiSC®, Four Agreements® and New York State Trainer

  • Authorized partner of Patrick Lencioni’s Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team

  • NHRA, ATD, and former SHRM Member

  • Former Forbes Coaching Council

  • Former Board Member of the Western NY Entrepreneurs Organization

Former Forbes Coaches Council Member
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