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Laurie founded Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. in 1999

A full-service training firm specializing in leadership development.

Laurie Sudbrink is based in the US and travels internationally to develop the world's best leaders who:


✔ align people to the vision

✔ communicate clearly and frequently

✔ connect and build trust

✔ nurture change agility

✔ inspire action & accountability  

✔ develop strong teams & culture

✔ attract and retain talent

These leaders get results — without collateral damage. 

Check out some of Laurie's signature services below and visit Unlimited Coaching Solutions for more! 




A full-line of GRIT® courses in Leadership, Team Building, Customer Loyalty, Sales and Personal Success. 

View our course offerings.

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Equip your trainers with skills guaranteed to transform their learners, View our course offerings

Email us for info on certification in DiSC and/or The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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Coaching: Available for executives, managers, team leaders or any individuals, our leadership coaching solution provides one-on-one coaching. This personalized attention helps individuals address their growth areas, find new motivation, get focused, and develop strategies to achieve their full potential.

Free Consultation



Get your team off-site to refocus, align, rejuvenate and more! 

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Find out which OPPORTUNITy is best for your team!


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Michael J. Apostolakos

MD, FCCP, Chief Medical Officer, Vice President URMC

"I thought our team was high functioning.  I agreed to the session to see how it may work for others. The session revealed problems that were hindering our team that I never realized.  The session was so powerful I recommended that we extend it another day.  Our team is more trusting, open and honest with each other.  Our team now functions at a level I never would have imagined."

Ken Bonn.jpg

Ken Bonn

Managing Partner, Bonn, Dioguardi & Ray LLP

"We got enough out of the first day to pay for our entire program!


Laureen Rowland

CAE, Executive Director, ASOA

I would wholeheartedly recommend Laurie as a presenter for any type of leadership training.  I know my attendees benefited and, given the advanced training and skills of this group, that is a big compliment to Laurie and the program she provides.

Danega from linked in.png

Brent Danega

PHR, Human Resources Associate, SUNY Cortland

Laurie Sudbrink brings a positive energy to the audience through her Leading With GRIT  program.  It is easy in both our personal and professional lives to become complacent about the importance of Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth (GRIT).  The Leading With GRIT program uses concrete, real world examples, that will ensure attendees take time to refocus on GRIT principles.  Laurie is a fantastic facilitator, she has a great sense of humor and an infectious, upbeat personality.  I highly recommend Laurie for corporate training and professional development courses.

glanton from linked in.png

Erin A. Glanton

Director Human Resources, CCSI

THANK YOU (not shouting, just being emphatic) for an amazing session…the supervisors were so engaged. Loved it!

US Navy.png

Frank Greco

US Navy

“Just a quick note to thank you again. I’m sure you picked up on my skepticism the first day of class. I also hope you realize at the end you won me over. You made it a fun and very informative 4 days, your enthusiasm was, and is, contagious. I will “do my best” to practice what you’ve taught.”

Beinetti pic.jpg

David J. Beinetti

AIA, President

Laurie worked with us to develop our managers through her stellar program, Leading With GRIT. We completed the first phase of this program and saw great results within our team. By using GRIT -  Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth, we’ve provided the SWBR management team with useful resources to increase their awareness of communication methods, work style preferences, and individual vantage points.


We have had the great pleasure of working with Laurie, not only as a professional speaker supporting a continuing professional education event that we hosted, but also working directly with our leadership to help us better align ourselves as a team.  As a speaker, we found her to be engaging and relevant, receiving top marks, not only for her obvious subject matter expertise, but due to her exceptionally effective delivery.  She has the wonderful ability to leverage humor and weave in past experiences to make topics come alive for the audience.  As to our direct consulting experience, she was a huge help working with our leadership team to educate us on our DISC profiles & working preferences, and therefore guide us as to how to work together more effectively as a team.  We would highly recommend Laurie, whether you be interested in a credible, vibrant speaker, or want someone to partner with you to optimize team dynamics.

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