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Do you have GRIT®?

The free GRIT® Self-Assessment is a framework for understanding the GRIT® concepts of Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth as they relate to your capacity to lead and interact effectively with others. It is a self-awareness and self-reflection tool... it is not a test.


This assessment is for your personal + professional development, and it is imperative for anyone in leadership. Self-reflection helps you become more aware of how you behave in certain situations and what might be driving those behaviors. Our 'behavior' is the sum of our responses to internal and external stimuli — in other words, our actions.

Why is this important? Because successful leadership is more about a series of actions than it is about traits. Anyone can stand up and lead! So, if you're looking to better yourself personally or professionally, this assessment will provide valuable insight.

The free report you'll receive after taking the assessment becomes even more powerful when used in conjunction with the book, Leading with GRIT®. Though it's not required, you'll feel more empowered with this roadmap!

Ready to see if you've got GRIT®? Find out now! Click the button, enter your info so we know where to send your results, and get started!


Truth be told...

Leadership is not what I thought it was.


I started my first business, Unlimited Coaching Solutions, Inc. over twenty years ago after witnessing the collateral damage from leaders that had a debilitating lack of trust and transparency. 


We spend most of our waking hours at work. It’s a huge part of our lives; it can be miserable, or it can rock! It’s really up to us.

Across all industries, no matter what size, no matter what generation - we’re all being forced to do more with less. Just living life these days requires grit, but there’s so much more to it. We can’t just expect people to be invincible. True GRIT® comes from within. And it can be learned!

That's why I wrote Leading with GRIT® & the GRIT Planner; as well as created GRIT® courses & the Lead with GRIT® retreat

Get started on your GRIT® journey today!

Why does GRIT® matter?


GRIT® builds trust and is the key to transforming careers, relationships, possibly even your whole life


Employing GRIT® at work can make it a more fun, upbeat, positive, and productive place


GRIT® is a better predictor of success across a variety of domains, beyond your talents and skills


Regular grit is just resilience. GRIT® is the framework for your entire human operating system


GRIT® empowers us to live on purpose, affect change, and have meaningful experiences

David J. Beinetti

"Laurie worked with us to develop our managers through her stellar program, Leading With GRIT. We completed the first phase of this program and saw great results within our team."

Don Miguel Ruiz

"Truly inspirational - this book takes you on a courageous journey of looking inside, so you can be the kind of leader you were meant to be."

Kevin Crane

 "I can truly say that I am a better leader at work and a better father to my children for what I have learned."

Take the mystery out of why leaders succeed or fail.

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