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5 Steps Guaranteed to Help You Change

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

"I think a change... will do me good!"

Happy Wednesday!

Change is something that's happening constantly, whether we're controlling it or not! Sometimes it feels like there's not much we can control - but if we take a closer look, there's a lot we can change that will impact what's happening "to us."

The following 5 Steps of Change™ model is guaranteed to help you implement change - but each step has to be done, or the guarantee is off! ;)

Step 1 - Awareness. Being objective and open to what you might need to change, without judging yourself harshly for whatever you discover. Just be curious. Lighten up about it. We all have areas we could improve,

Step 2 - Desire. It's your "why" you should change - what does it mean to you? What impact will it have? How will it benefit you and others?

Step 3 - Knowledge. How will I do it? What will I do differently? What should I stop doing, start doing, and continue doing?

Step 4 - Action. A lot of us stop at knowledge and we don't take action. We know what we should do, we talk a good game, but we don't walk our talk. Take a small step toward it, and keep the momentum going.

Step 5 - Perseverance. Maybe we take action and we "fall down." That's OK but we need to keep trying. Get back on the horse. Go back to step 2 if necessary, and revisit your "why." Try something new. Most importantly, don't give up!

Try it out. Take something you'd like to change. Practice objective awareness first, and then go through each step, mindfully, and objectively. Enjoy it while you're at it! 


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