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Are You Sure You Want to Move Up in Management?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

How do you know if you’re ready to move up in management?

Too often I meet people who think they want to be promoted but they really don’t know what management is all about. They’ve been very successful individual contributors - great work ethic, very skilled at their job, and most of the time they get a lot accomplished. To make more money and/or to get recognition and status, they look to this one path - managing. They think this is the way to have a little more control and autonomy, make more money and to gain more status.

But most have no idea what they’re in for when they sign up to manage a team:

  • Working way longer hours with a lot more stress

  • Constantly dealing with people issues that seem ridiculous

  • They get blamed by upper management for everything

  • They feel forced to stay positive and give recognition to people even when they don’t feel it

  • It’s lonely because they have no one to vent to

  • There is excessive time spent communicating without enough action

These are almost verbatim statements from supervisors, managers and directors I’ve spoken with over the years who were promoted with no formal training or understanding of the role.

Most were flattered when offered the position and were excited to get recognized for their hard work. And then reality set in!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this stark. Leadership can be a very rewarding experience. When we’re prepared.

Last week I shared Susan’s story of changing her thoughts and beliefs about taking the time to really connect with her team. This awareness helped her ease right into the behaviors of being present and connected. Similarly, we need to change our thoughts about our management role.

It’s very helpful and inspiring to understand the role and purpose of management. As leaders, we are tasked with moving a group of people to a desired outcome. Along that journey, we need to help people see the big picture, relate and communicate more effectively as a team, lead them through change, build trust, have courageous conversations, help each other stay on track, have their backs, coach and mentor them, contribute to their development and just simply be there for them. When done effectively, a whole lot more gets accomplished through your team than could ever have happened individually. Best of all, along that journey, we have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

If that sounds inspiring to you, then you’re probably ready to move up in management. And as with any new adventure, it is helpful to have a map to get there. Most of us need to hone skills that we haven’t had to use before. Leadership isn’t something we’re either born with or not. Very very few people lead naturally with no formal training and/or years of learning through trial and error.

If you’re ready to move up in management, to take it to the next level wherever you currently are, join us on Nov 15th at 2pm EST for “The Secret to Moving up in Management.” I’ll talk about how to handle the biggest obstacles to moving up in management, what core competencies most managers need to develop and how to identify the RIGHT developmental steps to take you from middle manager to the C-Suite.  Register here!



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