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How to Be Accountable

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

In episode 7, I show you how to be (and how to hold people) accountable!

Episode Seven, discussion guide:

  1. We lead off with a discussion and overview on the importance of Leading with GRIT.

  2. Some people hold people accountable by clubbing them over the head and cracking whips. But when operating from GRIT, accountability takes on a whole new meaning…

  3. “Most people are held accountable when they’ve done something wrong…” This is the WRONG WAY to look at it.

  4. Rather, it should be used in “helping people stay on track.” This is more like empowering people.

  5. It’s all about high value activities!

  6. This just isn’t about leadership/management accountability, it is also about peer-to-peer accountability. The team should hold each other accountable.

  7. You are doing it with the intent of the person improving, almost like coaching. You can now see where TRUST is so important here, and why it is the foundation of the GRIT model.

  8. How do we hold OURSELVES accountable?

  9. Where are you on the accountability ladder? [download below]

  10. You have to acknowledge reality. You also have to own it. And you have to be self-aware.

  11. The Five Steps of Change is a great tool here too.

  12. CLICK HERE to download the Accountability Ladder!


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