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Is Time on Your Side?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

A great question came in this week, Julie from Miami asked: How can I get out of the time trap? I’m constantly either watching the clock and wishing it were the end of the workday, or the weekend, or time for vacation; or I find myself feeling like time is just whizzing by - the weekend, time with my child, my vacation, the summer!

Well Julie, this is a great topic and so many of us find ourselves in the time trap, which robs us of being in the present moment and enjoying all the time we have. And the funny thing is - we are doing it to ourselves… well, not everyone might find humor in that, but I like to laugh at myself on such matters!   

The thing is, time is not changing and it’s not against us. Often it’s our resistance to time that is causing us stress. For most of us, it has more to do with our thoughts about time than anything else. We think there’s not enough. The good news is that we can change our thoughts. We can train ourselves to be present in the moment. We can enjoy the majority of our time, rather than wish it away!

So instead of letting your mind be all consumed with time, try a few of these tips:

  • Be mindful that you choose what you focus on. Make an effort to focus on what’s happening now. It might take some practice and discipline, but many people can attest it is well worth the effort.

  • Choose to be happy about what’s happening right now. After all, you’re “there” so you may as well enjoy it. Why be miserable? It’s not helping anything. Take control of your own emotions and choose to be happy.

  • Be aware of your own thoughts and beliefs about time. Be grateful for the time you have. Make the most of it. For example, when you wake up and find yourself moaning about what time it is, pause and be grateful you woke up. You get another chance at life today!

  • If you find you don’t like where you are, then realize what you do right now will impact your future. Make different choices. Be grateful for the experience, and move on. Beating yourself up will not change anything. It will only make you unhappy.

  • Get rid of your clocks! I removed most of the clocks in my home and I no longer wear a watch. Now I only use a clock as a tool to help me, such as a commitment that needs to be kept within a certain time frame.

Remember, it’s more our thoughts than the reality of time. Stop resisting time. Flow with it. As the song goes, Time is on Your Side - if you allow it to be!


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