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Use GRIT to Stop Procrastinating Now!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do something, but not making it happen?

Another great question and topic this week! Amy from Cortland, NY wrote in: I was so inspired by your speaking engagement last week, that I know I'm ready to "fire", instead of living "ready, aim, aim, aim, aim..." BUT... I'm still looking for the time to complete my project with my busy lifestyle. Can you offer some insight as to how to finally "fire"?

Well Amy, you’re not alone in this one! So many people I talk to have great ideas and pending projects that are lurking beneath their busy lives! (Believe me, I’ve had my share of experience here too!)

Let’s take a look at how GRIT® can help get your project launched. Using GRIT® as a roadmap, we start with Truth and work our way back through Integrity, Respect and Generosity. As you self-reflect, consider where you may need to make a shift.

Truth Truth is the core - it’s about being self-aware and accepting yourself - it’s where everything starts. Take a look at the truth of the situation. Reflect on the following questions to help you look at your truth:

  • Do I accept where I am right now, without criticizing it?

  • How many other priorities do I have in my life right now? (List them all, and then rank them and include how you feel about each one).

  • How much time would it take out of my day for each of these? (add contingency time)

  • is this project truly something I’m passionate about and committed to? Do I feel a calling to this?

  • Will I want to stick with this project even if things get tough, messy, and/or uncomfortable? (Be brutally honest!)

Integrity Integrity is aligning to your Truth. Once you identify your priorities and passions, it’s about scheduling time, and staying disciplined to meet your schedule (yet flexible when appropriate).

  • Do I schedule time for my priorities? If something needs to shift, do I reschedule?

  • Am I taking action on my priorities (versus thinking about them and procrastinating)?

  • When I notice I’m off track, do I hop back on, without beating myself up over and over?

  • Do I complain to others about my life?

  • Am I thinking about what constraints I have and how to remove those, or manage through them?

Note: If you’re living in your Truth, you’ll have more natural energy toward your activities.

Respect If you know your Truth and you are living it (Integrity), you are already showing self-respect. Let’s explore a few questions around respect:

  • Am I taking care of myself so I can give my best to all of my priorities (sleep, healthy food, healthy thoughts, etc.)

  • Am I living in the present moment, feeling happy about the way I choose to spend my time?

  • Do I respect the fact that I’m not going to be able to plan for everything - there are things that will pop up and get me off track.

  • Am I listening to myself, my instincts, my emotions? Do I take the time to self-reflect?

Generosity When we know ourselves and accept ourselves (Truth), we align ourselves and we live in Integrity. We can then Respect ourselves, our situation, and the people in our lives - then we will feel authentically Generous. Generosity flows naturally.

  • Do I feel energized and positive most of the time (perhaps not all the time, but for the most part)?

  • Do I feel resentful of where I am focusing my time and energy?

  • Do I accept help from others?

  • Reflect back through Respect, Integrity and/or Truth to see what might need to shift for you to feel more energized, positive and productive - and either launch your project, hold it for the future, or dismiss it.

We’d love to hear what you do to take your project or passion to fruition, comment below and share!


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