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Who Wants to Be Held Accountable?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

When you hear those words "being held accountable", for most of us, it evokes a negative emotion. We feel like we're being punished - someone is catching us doing something wrong.

From a leadership standpoint, we have to think about our intent when we’re holding someone accountable. Are we helping that person to stay on track, or are we so frustrated we're just lashing out, quick to lay blame?

Watch my short video and find out how you know when you’re on the bottom rungs of the accountability ladder; why it’s not a good thing if the leader is the only one holding people accountable, and what happens to ‘trust’ in this kind of environment. Discover how GRIT can help “holding someone accountable” become a moot point!

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Any techniques you use to hold people accountable?


Do you have a workplace question? Send to Laurie and it might be included in a future blog!

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