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A Simple Formula to Get People to Drive Change!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Hi, Laurie here with a short video on a really quite simple formula for change. 

In this free video, I share a formula created by Jack Welch that simplifies what it takes to make change effective. But this is only the beginning. I then get into how to actually get people to accept change (by accept, I mean to really own it!). 

That's where my proprietary Five Steps of ChangeTM comes in. And guess what - it's not just for leadership and workplace situations; you can use these Five Steps in any area of your life (yup, to quit smoking, to lose weight, to have a positive attitude - you name it!). 

As with any tool, the key is you have to use it. Take it out of the shed and keep it sharpened! ;) 

Cheers my friends, and please, give me some feedback on the video. We are just starting to launch these! And as always, share with anyone you think might like it!

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