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Are Your People Delivering Excuses or Results?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I ran across this article that was published last year, and the message is so powerful I wanted to share it again (and many of you may not have seen it). It's about accountability - a very hot topic on most teams and in most organizations. 

The author shares the Accountability Ladder (which is in my book, Leading With GRIT). It is such a great tool. I hope you can benefit from it as much as my clients and I have. 

Read the Forbes article here.

Some great reflection questions to ask ourselves:

  • What are we doing to empower peer accountability on our teams?

  • Is there anything we could be doing more of? Less of?

  • Do we walk the talk when it comes to accountability for ourselves?

  • Do we "catch people doing things right", rather than look for what they've done wrong?

  • How do we encourage learning and taking risks (and make it ok to make mistakes)?

  • Are we enabling triangulated conversations, or are we teaching our people how to have productive dialogue without getting the boss involved every time?


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