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Hold On Loosely!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

What are you manifesting in your life? Whether you’re leading a corporate team, or leading your own life, the underlying thoughts, beliefs and expectations you have play a major role in creating the results you are experiencing.

​Have you ever paid attention to your thoughts, and then watched as they came to fruition? It’s interesting because often we’re surprised at this. We think we’re psychic or magical and it’s ‘odd’, when really it’s logical, powerful and real. If I’m thinking about being tired or sick, chances are I’ll be tired or sick. If I’m thinking of something fun and positive and exciting, chances are I’m upbeat, energetic and getting a lot accomplished. I’m sure many of you have experienced this. In fact, just the other day I was on the phone while looking for a parking spot. It was freezing out and I had a lot to carry inside. I remember saying to the person I was talking to, “I’m going to find a parking spot right next to the elevator.” And then I continued our conversation and the next cruise around the garage, there it was. The garage was full, but there was my spot! We laughed as I checked to make sure it wasn’t handicapped or reserved!

I invite you to take a day or two and stalk yourself - pay attention to every thought you have, especially those thoughts that create an uneasiness or heavy feeling for you. These are the ones that will trip us up, keep us back, hold us down. These are the thoughts that are rooted in that nasty little four letter ‘F’ word - fear - and they’re up to no good. Typically the ego is the master of these thoughts and feeds off your fears. So even if it’s a positive thought, if you hold on to it too tightly, with fear, you will most likely repel what you’re looking for. It’s important to be able to let it go, like I did with the parking spot. If you’re saying “I’m not going to be sick” and you worry about or dwell on it, guess what… you might end up sick. So put it out there, but don’t attach too much. It reminds me of that 38 Special song “Hold on Loosely! - If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control!”

Recently my great friend Ray recommended a book that had a good mantra in it that really helped me to let go of some of those useless, and even damaging thoughts. Author Debra Landwehr Engle insists the mantra, or prayer as she calls it, must be said exactly in the way she describes because there’s a “letting go” involved in it. The mantra goes like this, “please heal all my fear-based thoughts [and you can fill in details here, like “of not making enough money” or “not having enough time” - believe me, the list of what to fill in can be endless!]  

I recently ran into a friend, she’s a VP of Marketing for a Rochester-based company, and we got talking about this topic. She asked if I was worried that I might “let go” and then not be aware or mindful of situations that might warrant fear or caution. What a great question, and to listen to the answer tune in to this week’s podcast.

This week I challenge you, along with your positive affirmations and thoughts, to build in some “letting go” of the negative and fear-based thoughts as well. You’ll see much faster results in manifesting what you want in your life! Join us on the blog to share how you use your thoughts to manifest what you want in your life, or ask us a question!

Ps. If you’re interested in Engle’s book, which I highly recommend, you can find it here.


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