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How to Build Trust with Integrity in the Workplace

Updated: Mar 19

One of the most important elements in the workplace is trust. And we all know it typically takes a lot longer to build trust than it does to lose it!

In a previous blog we talked about how trust creates efficiency. It’s important for quality and creativity and so much more.

Integrity will create trust—both from a reliability perspective and a connection-bonding-got-your-back kind of way.

Integrity is the act of aligning to your truth.

Knowing what’s most important to your team and to the organization, and connecting those dots will go a long way in aligning the team. And yes, this creates trust. People trust in you. They feel confident that you have a clear direction.

When the manager also has her High Value Activities (HVAs) clarified and transparent, this helps her walk the talk. Yep, another act of integrity that builds trust.

A manager who considers each team member and what’s important to them (their truth) will be able to help connect people to the department and organizational vision and goals. You guessed it! That’s another act of integrity that strengthens trust.

Taking it to the level of working with each team member to create their HVAs while helping them be mindful of how it all connects to them personally and to the organization is the key to creating direction, efficiency and quality.

These acts of integrity build upon each other. And combined, they create an energy that propels people to action—not because they have to, but because they want to.


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