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Your Best Defense in Challenging Times

When things get crazy in life - and I'd say what's happening right now falls into that category - there's only so much we can control. We can get very stressed because we feel so out of control.

Our best defense during challenging times is to take control over the things that we can change; those things that will make a positive difference during the chaos.

In a past post, I talked about managing our thoughts because they drive our emotions and actions. But sometimes it's very difficult to get control of our own thoughts.

Here's another tip that can help you maintain your sense of sanity. I've done this for quite some time now, and my level of stress and anxiety decreases. I first learned this technique

when dealing with some overwhelming grief that I couldn't think my way out of.

I've since used this technique to combat watching too much Netflix, being exposed to EMF's and other air pollution, and negativity from reporters and some social media sources. (Of course it's good to cut these things out of our life but for most of us, we do suck ourselves into it now and then!)

Come over to my Youtube channel to watch this short video and please pass it along to others. Paying it forward is also great energy (and G in GRIT is for Generosity!)

Always remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay connected. Stay united.



PS A planner can help you stay sane too; check out

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Unknown member
Feb 07, 2021

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