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2-Step Goal Setting

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Use these 2 Steps to Prevent Burnout!

Woohoo, are you super excited for 2019? I have a feeling it's going to be your best year yet!

But don't leave it to chance. And don't risk overwhelm and/or burnout.

I'm sharing my simple and very effective 2-step Goal Setting method I use all the time. As a busy type-A entrepreneur, I have a tendency to put too much on my plate, and then I'm beating myself up for not accomplishing everything. Or, I'll get it all done, only to find I've created some collateral damage (usually in my relationships).

Don't let this happen to you. Take a few minutes before you sit down to make those 2019 resolutions and lofty goals.

The 2 step process can best be described as Flow and Go.

1) First you'll Let it Flow, capturing all your ideas of all the super cool awesome things you want to accomplish. 2) Then you'll Let it Go - you'll let go of the ideas that don't fit for you this year. You'll hone in and focus on just the ones that suite you best.

There's an old saying used in sales that I like to apply here - KISS. Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve, and a Happy 2019!!

PS, I'd love to hear your most important goal for 2019. You can share in the comments below. (And hey, did you know by sharing it, it puts it out into the universe and good energy gets behind it!)

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