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Are Your Thoughts and Beliefs Testing You?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

My thoughts and beliefs were recently tested. I woke up feeling great, going about my day with lots of energy and purpose. I really didn’t do anything out of the norm and then it hit me, my back was in excruciating pain and I couldn’t even move.

A few days later as a friend was picking me up for one of my acupuncture appointments she said, “You must be going crazy!” While my friend’s comment was most likely meant to be comforting and a way to connect and empathize, it dawned on me that I don’t think like that anymore. I was actually excited when I realized it came more naturally to me, finally! In the past I definitely would have resisted it, fought it, been upset and frustrated, and yes, felt like I was going crazy. So here’s proof that it really is possible to change our thoughts and beliefs, with a little effort and focus. And after a while, it does become habit.

Going back to the day my muscles seized up and I soon found myself unable to walk - did I have some issues with it? You bet! My thoughts and beliefs were still being tested. I was questioning “why?” Why would this happen to me when I am healthy, I juice almost daily, and I stay active? While most of my questioning was with the intent of preventing it from happening in the future, I admit that I was upset because I do so much to stay healthy and this happened anyway. I discovered I had a belief that I would prevent anything like this from ever happening.

What I learned from this is that you will not prevent everything “negative” from happening, no matter how healthy and positive you are. Whether we set something into motion in the past, or we had nothing to do with it - the more aware we are, and reflective over events that may have led up to where we are now, the easier it will be to change.

So although I’m health-conscious and active, when reflecting over the past month I realized a few things that could have contributed to my condition. It began with holding my irresistible grandson who weighed too much for me to be walking around with him on my hip! I remember saying, “I think that just hurt my back!” I also got a new comfy chair that turns out is terrible for my posture. I loved sitting in it for about an hour every morning and drinking my coffee and reading. My exercise is also not as balanced as I thought. I need to stretch more, in addition to cardio.

Changing our thoughts and beliefs applies to the workplace as well. Think about how you communicate - with yourself, with your teams, to your boss and your clients. Trace your communication to your thoughts and beliefs. See if it needs shifting, even just a 3 degree change can make a big difference. For example, start believing in your team and thinking positive about their productivity and engagement. Change your communication to reflect these beliefs. With small steps over time, you’ll soon notice people more empowered, positive and productive.

While I’ve made good progress with my thoughts and beliefs, I realize I’ll continue to find opportunities to get even healthier in that area too! It’s a journey. Each event in life can be looked at as a way to learn and grow, and realizing we can control our own thoughts and beliefs makes it a much more enjoyable journey!

Share with us in the comments below a time when you had an awareness in your thoughts and beliefs, and what change you made as a result. Haven't had an awareness lately? Take the FREE online GRIT Self-Awareness Assessment.


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