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A Simple Way to De-Stress Yourself at Work

I clearly remember what it was like. Rushing to get ready for work. Feeling resentful of the amount of time I spend there. Cursing traffic because I was running late. Heavy yet shallow breathing and tenseness in my entire body (that I wasn’t very aware of). I can only imagine the energy I was putting out to others. I look back and realize why I wasn’t connecting the way I wanted to; why I wasn’t getting the results I thought I deserved.

I was resisting. Resisting the choices that I had made. Resisting even the smallest things - the traffic, the clock ticking - that in the greater scheme, didn’t matter that much. But ironically that resistance of even those small things was the culprit of my stress and anxiety.

How many of us suffer through this, not realizing we hold the key to our own chains?

There is a way to unlock those chains; to get out of this mode. I’ve done it, I’ve helped many others do it. You can do it too.

Here’s a simple way to de-stress yourself at work - and anywhere for that matter.

Connect - First thing in the morning, connect with your purpose, your higher power, your desires, or your passion. Don’t overthink this. Where ever you are, whatever you need, just be aware of it. It might change from day to day. For some of us, it’s a prayer. For others, it’s a mantra or an affirmation. It might just be the thoughts of love or abundance. Just rest there in the morning for 5-10 minutes. Whatever you can give yourself.

Align. Any time throughout the day, when you have an awareness, align yourself with that meaningful thought and emotion you created that morning from focusing on your prayer, mantra or affirmation. (Hint - if you forgot or didn’t do the "connect" that morning, do it as soon as you can. No worries.)

Awareness of your emotions throughout the day will help you trace back to the thought. Change the thought. Let it go. Breathe.

For example, when you feel anxiety because you are late, accept the emotion, then breathe it out; let it go. Replace the thought with “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be." Breathe into that new thought.

Respect. Your thoughts, your feelings. Don’t resist. Accept them. Don’t judge, or think you’re making an excuse for poor behavior. Only you can change your thoughts, which create your emotions, and drive your actions. What an incredible gift we have, right there within our reach.

Every moment of every day. When you respect yourself, you’ll naturally respect others. This is where the flow happens. The good karma. The positive change we need.

Express. Choose joy. Choose happiness. Don’t wait for it to happen. Share a smile, a motivational message, a nonjudgemental ear. When you’re aligned to something meaningful for yourself, and you’re kind to yourself, you’ll give genuinely; authentically. The feeling is abundance - you’ll have enough to give. You’ll be enough, in every situation.

While I was putting this to paper, I noticed the acronym C.A.R.E. What a perfect way to help you remember this simple way to de-stress.

Do you have ways to destress that you can share? I welcome your comments.

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