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Assess Your GRIT - for Free!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

“We live in uncertain and adversity-rich times. This requires leaders to possess and lead with exceptional grit and resilience to produce impressive results in such challenging contexts.” --Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, author, Adversity Quotient*

To have resilience and exceptional grit at an individual level is certainly important. In a leadership position, and quite frankly in any position, the ability to inspire people rather than ostracize them while you are being “gritty” is truly a challenge for most. Leading with GRIT - generosity, respect, integrity and truth - provides the framework and tools to help others step up, take ownership, work as a team and get results.

As leaders (whether you are leading yourself, your children, a team, or influencing your peers), it starts with us, and our ability to look inside. Take a moment to self reflect - one of the most important leadership activities. Assess your own GRIT to see where it might benefit you to focus some energy. Click here for the Free GRIT Assessment.

I also have exciting news - Leading with GRIT has been nominated for Leadership Book of the Year 2016! We need your vote - All managers across the globe are invited to vote on their favorite Leadership book. Public voting is open from Feb 1 till Feb 15.

Vote by clicking here, entering your basic info, and selecting Leading with GRIT from the list of 20 nominated books. It takes just a minute. Thank you, I'm very grateful for your support! And as usual, please feel free to pass this link along.

As always, we invite you to share what you’ve learned from your GRIT assessment, or what you’ve found with self reflection and leadership, or anything from Leading With GRIT you’ve put to practice!

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