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Create a Ripple Effect - Spread GRIT!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

In this final episode, we discuss creating a ripple effect with GRIT. A free Vision Statement Creation worksheet and High Value Activities (HVAs) worksheet are included for you to begin aligning your teams! 

Discussion Guide:

  1. We lead off with a discussion and overview on the importance of Leading with GRIT.

  2. When you get your GRIT together, and follow this methodology, it will change you, and it will have a ripple effect on you. You have to be prepared for that! We discuss how…

  3. When you have positive energy and your actions are aligned, you will also impact the people around you too! And if you are lucky, there will be a ripple effect that will begin to spread through your organization…

  4. Remember, one of the reasons you work to get your GRIT together is to create this very ripple effect. Because honestly, you and your team can begin to see what’s possible in the future…

  5. This ripple effect will only happen if you are living this authentically, which GRIT enables you to do…

  6. How long will this ripple effect take?

  7. You first have to focus on GRIT for yourself, before you can have and impact a ripple effect on the team and organization.

  8. As we begin to wrap up this series, let’s assume that people listening get excited about the potential of what’s possible here. But the most important question: HOW DO YOU START? You now have the how, where do you start to take action?

  9. You do need to focus on your high value activities!

  10. For GRIT to work, you do have to have a vision for where both you and your team need (and want) to go…

  11. CLICK HERE to download a sheet on to determine your High Value Activities!

  12. CLICK HERE to download a worksheet on how to craft your vision statement!


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