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Create Buy In With This Simple Technique

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Want a Simple Technique to Create Buy In?

When creating positive change, our greatest challenge is in influencing others to buy in!

There’s one very important foundation that you can set - and it almost guarantees people’s buy in. Anyone can do it. And it doesn’t cost any money.

LAF with your staff! We created this simple acronym to help you remember these 3 foundational steps to creating an environment where people will be more accepting, they’ll buy in and get on board much faster.Listen. Did you know that listen and silent have the same letters? As my colleague Roseanne use to say “Suck air!” Of course it takes more than just being silent. We have to be present in the moment, and be aware of emotions. Ask clarifying questions rather than making assumptions. Show the person you are listening with your non verbals. Use eye contact (don’t multi-task). Raising your eyebrows, tilting your head and slightly nodding can really show you’re interested.

Acknowledge. People want to be heard and acknowledged more than anything else. Patrick Lencioni says “people need to weigh in before they’ll buy in.” This requires more than just listening. It’s acknowledging that you heard the person. It’s showing you respect them and value their input.

Follow-Through. Following through is neglected the most. Circle back and let people know what is going on. Be proactive about it (most people don’t want to keep asking you). Even if it’s not good news, get back to people, provide status updates, check-in. It builds trust and helps people trust in you.

If you create a regular practice of LAF’ing with your team, they will be much more open and accepting of the changes you implement.

Psst - and definitely laugh with your team. It helps bond and show you’re human. Would you like more free resources to help lead your teams? Come on over to our Resource Library!Share your experiences with LAF, and/or your own buy-in techniques in the comments here. 

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