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Erase the Tape!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Happy Thursday!

Do you ever notice the voices in your head? You know, the nagging negative noise that you let just hang around. Somewhere along the way, we've picked up messages that aren't all that good for us. Things like,  "you're not smart enough to be a CEO" or "you're too young to be credible". Have you ever considered just getting rid of that noise?

Most people don't realize they have full control of their thoughts. But we first have to be aware of what the thoughts are. It might take some stalking. And it will be important to not be too hard on yourself with what you find. Just kind of look at it, like you're an archeologist discovering a bunch of old bones. And keep it objective. 

I find it helpful to think of it as a tape recorder. You'e been recording a bunch of stuff and it's time to clean up what you don't need anymore. Keep the good stuff, and get rid of the negative. Once you identify a thought you want to get rid of, try turning it around into a positive thought. "I am smart enough to be a CEO." Even if it doesn't feel true right now, think of it as training your brain. You have to first be able to believe and get your mind thinking that way. Then the rest of you will show up and start acting that way. 


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