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Find Your Truth = Find Success!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Often we strive for success without knowing what’s really important to us and we end up misaligned, feeling empty when we reach our goals.

Start inside – discover your truth, and it will lead to success along with happiness!

Leading with GRIT, Episode Three, discussion guide:

  1. Overview on the importance of Leading with GRIT.

  2. Why do we have to start with truth? Why is truth foundational?

  3. You have to look inside and know the core of who you are, at a very personal level, and know what’s important…

  4. Why are we so bad at fully understanding our truth?

  5. If you don’t know your truth, you’ll never align yourself with the right decisions (jobs, career path, health, relationships).

  6. Self-reflection is mission-critical to understand your truth. How do we do this better? [Hint: Apply the 5 Steps of Change]

  7. Is there an actual process to finding your truth? Laurie shares a number of tools to consider using (learn more at…

  8. More importantly, once you get the results from these assessments, how to do something actionable with it?“Taking ownership…”

  9. “The two-degree shift…” Focusing on one thing…

  10. How do people promoting into a new role, but are not comfortable there, how do they find their “new” truth?

  11. To conclude, Laurie shares HER truth, and how she found it…


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