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Forbes Article on Delegation

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Have you avoided delegation, even when you had so much on your plate you could really use the help?

I have.

Sometimes because I didn't think the person would do it well enough. Sometimes because I just didn't have the patience to train the person.

Whatever our reason for avoiding delegation, this Forbes article might help you get out of your own way.  These techniques have definitely helped me, as well as the many leaders I've worked with.

I am a member of the Forbes Coaches' Council and was selected as an expert on this panel so here's my contribution (and please click the link above for the entire article):

Treat Delegating As A Leadership Activity Leaders who avoid delegating often are looking at it as a management activity, rather than a leadership activity. Our role as leaders is to provide learning and growth opportunities to stretch team members. If our people don't make mistakes, we're not providing challenging situations for them to learn and grow. Change your thoughts and beliefs about delegating and it will be easier to let go.

Psst if you want to become more effective with delegating, check out the Everything DiSC Management Assessment.

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