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How Bad Do You Want to Live a Happy Life?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

January is a great month to look at goals and what we want out of life. What holds us back the most is our own thoughts and beliefs, and what we really want!

It's so easy to let ourselves get distracted and not take full responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs... and therefore our actions. It's easier to be a victim. It's easier to blame it on our parents, blame it on corporations, blame it on social media, blame it on our partner, blame it on the government! It boils down to a justification that “someone else is making me feel this way and there's nothing I can do about it.”

At what point in our lives are we going to step up and take responsibility and create the life we want?

I hope you’re not waiting for a near-death experience to wake you up! And let me tell you, no one else is going to create your awesome life for you. Stop waiting to be saved. Stop waiting for the right time or the right person. Stop waiting period!

I admit, it does take a little effort to take responsibility for ourselves. Just like exercising or healthy eating - we need to put the right thoughts and beliefs in our brain! It takes self-awareness.  It takes practice. It takes the want to! As the country song goes "how bad do you want it?"

Some of us are so addicted to feeling like the victim, to the suffering, to playing the role of the martyr. We want our co-workers to feel sorry for us. We want our family to worry about how hard we work. We want our friends to make a fuss over us. Before you can create your happy life, there has to be a strong desire to feel differently; to be free from the negative feelings. That desire has to be stronger than your desire to suffer and the attention you get. And yes, like any addiction, it will take effort to get over it.

Can you imagine how your life would be, if you could feel the way you want to feel, and not allow your thoughts and beliefs about others to control you?

Can you visualize what that would be like? It's within all of us to achieve this. Each one of us has this potential. It's easier for some of us, and more difficult for others, just like losing weight and achieving any goal. But it is possible for each of us.

What do you want for your life - in your career, with your family, for your health, in your social life? Define it. Imagine how it looks. Think about how it feels. Tell yourself you deserve it (positive brainwashing is good by the way!). Add something positive toward this goal into your life every day - you’ll soon crowd out the negative and you’ll be enjoying your life!

As you take this adventure (if you decide you want it bad enough!) -  lighten up about it. Have fun with it. We need to stop stressing to be this unattainable perfection. We need to also stop judging others for the same!

I’d like to send a special thank you to some of the people who have inspired me in my life and work:

I encourage you to follow these inspirational people and maybe you’ll find that they help you focus your life. And for more on getting your GRIT together, I’d be honored if you took a look at my book, Leading with GRIT available on Amazon in Hardcover and Kindle!

Please share what you do (or will do) to add positivity into your life (and crowd out the negative).


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