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How to Communicate with GRIT

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Working with managers and executives throughout the years and in my own personal experiences, the one thing I’ve noticed that we all have control over, is the one thing that we seem to mess up the most.

We all have this tool that would make our life so much easier and produce much better quality, but we don’t ever learn to use that tool properly so we end up misusing and abusing it, or avoiding it altogether.

The tool we all possess is our communication, and there’s a formula that helps make our communication authentic and more useful.

Whether it’s having critical conversations, or telling someone you care about them - communicating with GRIT® will make a profound difference.

GRIT® stands for generosity, respect, integrity and truth. When we communicate with GRIT®, we’re communicating authentically, with courage and with good intent. We respect others, and we want to give, whether it’s feedback to help the person learn and grow, or appreciation to help them stay aligned and on track. The only way to give authentically - to create true generosity - is to begin with your own truth. 

Communicating with GRIT® starts inside, with Truth.

How we feel about ourselves and the world around us influences the way we communicate. If our ego is trying to protect us, we won’t be authentic. If we’re fearful, we’ll hold back on what we need to say, or lash out with harsh words. If we’re not clear with what is important to us (our Truth), we won’t be mindful of the quality of our conversations.

Join us today at 2pm to discover How to Communicate with GRIT® and learn:

  • How our thoughts and beliefs influence our emotions, words and actions, and how to make a shift

  • Habits we’ve picked up and what it takes to change them

  • Staying true to who you are and not letting people and situations push your buttons

  • Staying focused on generosity in a way that fuels you rather than drains you

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Cheers, Laurie

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