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Resources to Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

The “Coronavirus” is disrupting the world as we know it.

It is changing everything, especially how people live, interact and do business. Talk about the need for agility!

I’ve had my own business since 1999. I weathered 9-11, and the 2008 recession. One thing I learned is to not panic and to not hoard. The more people feel a lack, the more scared they get.

This is the time to be generous. Generous with our help. Generous with our smiles and our eye contact. Generous with our love and our prayers.

There will be tough transitions. Many people will be afraid. Some people will resist. Some will be scattered and overwhelmed. Patience is key.

Perhaps your people are working from home and you don’t know how to manage them or track their progress. Maybe you’re having a difficult time staying focused and not getting distracted by listening to everything on the news. Your children may be home with you for the first time (while you’re trying to work) and you’re just not used to it.

To keep our sanity, we may need some help.

It's the perfect time to apply GRIT - Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth. This is not your typical grit. It’s perseverance and tenacity, but without the collateral damage that can often happen with grit alone. I’ve known many people with grit who trampled over others to reach their goals, or neglected areas in their own lives and suffered the consequences.

1. Grab a copy of Leading With GRIT for you and your team (on sale on Amazon). Perhaps you could do a book study via zoom or phone (if the internet is bogged down). Now more than ever, we need strong leaders and supporters to help people through this.

2. If you’re looking for a way to stay focused and on track, get the GRIT Productivity Planner - on sale now for the next 15 days while we stay home and stop the spread.

Follow the instructions on creating High Value Activities, and touch base daily with your team to help each other stay on track.

3. Log into my free resource library and get any resources you need. Password is gotgrit. Don’t see something you need? Message me and I’ll do my best to get it for you or point you to a resource.

4. Perhaps coaching is something you’ve wanted to do and couldn’t fit it in. Or you've wanted do a DiSC session, a Leadership 360, or an Agile EQ assessment. Maybe now is the time? Happy to chat about it: 585.248.9322.

I am here for you. Reach out.

Stay tuned for more tips. Sign yourself up if you're not receiving an email and want to know when the next tips are up.

My prayers are with you all. Remember to thank our healthcare workers and all those serving the public through this pandemic.



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