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The Best Gift You Can Give

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Happy Friday!

In my line of work, as well as in my family and social life, I hear countless complaints about people not being present. Just the other day my friend was complaining about a friend who frequently cancels on her. And when they do get together, it seems like it’s all about her. At best, she listens for a minute or two and then interrupts with something that isn’t even related.

In this fast paced, easily distractible world we live, one of the best gifts we can give each other is to simply be present. Whether you’re out shopping in the holiday madness, or stressing over your family’s upcoming holiday dinner, think of how different it could be if you decided to be present, without worry, without judgment, without a thousand thoughts streaming through your mind.

Before you set out for your shopping or dinner, be mindful of your emotions. You might need to vent for a couple of minutes, either with someone you can trust or just talk it out loud to yourself -  and then let it go. It might take some effort and discipline, but think of it as the gift you are giving - to yourself and to oth. Take a deep breath and feel yourself let it go. Think about the person you’re going to be with and make a choice to be grateful for their presence. That feeling of gratitude will come through in your attention and energy. When you meet up, concentrate on making that person feel like the most important person there is.


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