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The Unsung Heroes

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Happy Thursday!

Preventative measures don’t usually create heroes, because these acts often go unnoticed. We typically think of leadership as swooping in and saving the day. Like the unsung heroes, many acts that we take to make sure our people and companies are safe, enjoyable, and productive, go unrecognized.

It's similar to staying healthy because of diet and exercise. You do the preventative things so you’re less likely to get sick and need to be healed. Like in leadership, those acts might not only go unnoticed, but they aren’t always given the credit for the outcome achieved.

The things we do to prevent problems may never really be appreciated. That's why GRIT is so important. When we embrace generosity, respect, integrity and truth, we don't need to be recognized for doing the right things. We feel good about ourselves and that spreads; and it's enough.

School teachers are a great case in point - they may make the biggest impact on a person, they may prevent them from going down the wrong path, or steer them in a direction they never would have known. A teacher may never ever hear back from that person telling them the impact they made on their life. But you know it's happening. You trust in what you are doing and the ability and potential of people to get it. GRIT creates the humility and confidence so you don’t need the recognition. . Of course there's nothing wrong with giving recognition, and gracefully accepting it. In fact, that’s an important law of nature, to give and receive. So let the person know who made the impact in your life. Just say thanks. Send a little note. Pick up the phone and let them know it made a difference. This spreads the positive energy. Let someone know how they made an opportunity for you to be happier.

But above all, smile knowing you’re making positive differences – even if you don’t get recognized for it. 


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