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Why You Should Pay it Forward!

By helping others, by paying it forward, you'll create an energy that is more attractive. Often we want something so badly, we try too hard, we get too focused and we create an energy that is repelling. When your energy is more attractive, good things - including your goals - flow more easily into your life.

The "G" in GRIT is for Generosity. It is about giving and receiving (remember to receive gracefully to allow the good energy to flow). This kind of generosity creates a feeling of abundance - you have enough and you are enough.

Generosity comes very naturally when you have your GRIT together (remember, it starts with your Truth, you align with Integrity, and you Respect yourself and others!).

If you want to learn more about GRIT, check out this free GRIT Assessment. You can also purchase Leading With GRIT on Amazon.

Although you don't need to plan your generosity, it can help to start thinking of what Paying it Forward looks like for you. Here are a few ideas:

  • A random act of kindness: letting someone out in traffic; holding the door; smiling with eye contact; raking or mowing someone's lawn, or plowing their driveway, etc.

  • An anonymous gift: paying for people behind you in the check-out line; sending money to someone; sharing a good fortune; passing along savings opportunities just because you're thinking of them, etc.

Let's share what we're doing to Pay it Forward - please leave your comment here to inspire us all!

In case you want to share GRITty Stuff with your friends - pass along this one-time exclusive code to someone you want to have GRIT in their life!

For 30% off use code: 3BVIKQRM at

Happy New Year to you and yours! 

PS - I believe in you. Make GRIT Happen this year! My best wishes for you and yours in 2020!

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1 Comment

Laurie Sudbrink
Laurie Sudbrink
Dec 31, 2019

With the heavy traffic in Florida lately, allowing people to merge in and sending a smile has been my recent act of Paying it Forward! :)

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