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How to Hold People Accountable

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I’ll start by saying not too many people want to be "held accountable." It sounds condescending. If we change the way we say it, it will change our intentions around it. Let’s "help people stay on track!"

This one tool can help you set expectations and help a person stay on track.

By the way, if you’re resisting the idea of changing your language from ‘holding someone accountable’ to ‘helping someone stay on track’, you might consider the amount of energy it will take you when they resist you holding them accountable.  People are more open and accepting when you help them stay on track. It makes your job easier. 

One of the best elements of this tool is that it actually builds trust, strengthening your manager/employee relationship, and decreases the amount of managing you have to do. It prevents issues and clarifies expectations.

Help people stay on track with our tried and true One-on-One Meetings template. Get the full instructions and the template for free in the Resource Library. You read that right – it’s free to our valued readers.

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